Camera Systems Engineer

Job Locations:  San Diego, Bay Area, Austin

Our Client’s Camera team is seeking a passionate camera system engineer who can create embedded imaging solutions for Snapdragon chipsets that power advanced mobile devices. Our solutions leverage dedicated hardware, multi-core processors, DSP, and GPU cores to provide state-of-the-art photographs, video recordings, and machine intelligence.

Minimum qualification:

  • Experience in Image processing and/or Video processing and/or digital signal processing and/or color processing
  • Programming skills in C/C++, Matlab, Python and Java
  • Good analytic and problem solving skills
  • Independent work within a fast-paced & collaborative environment with geographically & functionally distributed teams


Preferred Qualification: Prefer to have experiences in one or more following areas:

  • ISP (Image Signal Processor) pipeline design, Camera Bayer processing design, Camera processing: denoising, detail enhancement, local tone mapping, high dynamic range (HDR) and color processing design
  • CMOS sensor design
  • Deep learning, machine learning, AI
  • HW/SW architecture, micro-architecture on embedded multimedia system
  • Embedded SW skill for large code base: implementation, integration, debug.
  • Hands-on experience with multi-threaded computing (OpenMP, OpenCL, etc.) and/or SIMD (SSE/AVX) using C/C++
  • Proficiency with version control tools (P4) & code-tip maintenance using test automation (ABT)
  • Image quality metrics, psychophysical human experiment for image and video quality
  • ISP/3A quality tuning and IQ analysis tool


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